The Case for Germany
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Dr. Arthur P. Laurie:

The Case for Germany

A Study of Modern Germany

Exclusive reprint edition by The Scriptorium!

This rare 1939 treatise gives the view of National-Socialist Germany that the author, a Scottish scholar, developed during his time inside Hitler's Third Reich. Far from being the sort of hateful diatribe that was the common British judgement in those days, this book gives an insightful overview of National Socialism and of the domestic and foreign-political state of Germany less than 100 days before the outbreak of World War Two.

Overview - Table of Contents:

Dedication / To the Reader / Preface
Der Führer
The Beleaguered City
National Socialism
The Nazi Rallys at Nuremberg
The Foreign Policy of Germany
England and Germany
March 7th 1936, a Most Important Date
The Real Enemy of Europe
Communism versus National Socialism
The Union of the German People of Austria and the Sudeten Germans With the German People of the Reich
      The Sudeten Germans
      Extract from a Czech Schoolbook
Acts of "Aggression" by Germany
The Dance of Death
Our Future Policy Towards Germany
The Hitler Youth Movement
The Winter Help Organization
      Winter Help Collections
      Organization of the Welfare work
National Socialism and the Protestant Church
      The Two Problems
      Sweden's Example
      Steady Rise
      The Monopoly of Raw Materials
The Four Years' Plan
The German Colonies
The Labour Front
      The Labour Law
      The Labour Courts
      Social Honour Courts
      Strength Through Joy
      Marketing regulations
      Establishing a New German Peasantry
Munich and After
Epilogue (by The Scriptorium)
Appendix: On National Socialism and World Relations. Speech Delivered in the German Reichstag on January 30th 1937 by Adolf Hitler

(Review by The Scriptorium; and Table of Contents.)

(234 pages, 15 x 23 cm, paperback.)